About the project 


TALES OF CARE AND REPAIR gathers stories of the repair of everyday objects from India, UK and Brazil.

Considering repair as a potentially radical act that can transform our relationship with our material worlds. Our programme aims to build a repository of ‘stories’ of everyday repaired objects. To generate the tales or stories we aim to collect 1000 images of everyday repaired objects, which can be uploaded to this site and tagged with details about the repair.

Each story will appear on our website landing page and is accompanied by a series of questions which provide information such as the type of repair – was it a self (DIY), professional (paid for) or failed (it was not possible to make happen) repair.

To support the collection of the stories we will be hosting a series of online conversations and local workshops. Within our workshops we will also focus on creating “Repair Declarations” that is, a set of intentions that can act as a means towards collectively reimagining how we can move towards more restorative futures. Each declaration will be created in collaboration with local communities in New Delhi, Belo Horizonte and Bristol.

Follow our programme of online conversations and join us to explore how repair cultures manifest in our different countries and intersect with climate change, craft and traditional practices, environmental reparations and repair economies. Our workshops and conversations aim to support thinking through what repair means in different contexts.


What’s coming


1000 examples of repaired objects gathered from across UK, India and Brazil. Each object is tagged with information about the type and form of the repair. This information forms the ‘stories’ of repair that are at the beating heart of TALES OF CARE AND REPAIR.


“CARE AND REPAIR” declarations co-constructed with communities in our locations. Declarations look to how we can move together towards more restorative centred behaviours and lifestyles.


Seminars, workshops and events with invited speakers, guests and community members. Look to how we can create generative, intergenerational and intersectional conversations around the topic of repair.

Local Stories & Documentation

Local Stories & Documentation gathers additional stories from expert repairers in each of our localities as well as highlights documentation from our workshops, events and seminars.