Ahmad, Television Repairer, New Delhi 

Meet local repairer Ahmad. He identifies himself as a Television repairer.

What does your work mean to you?

It’s a good way to sustain life.

What all repair works do you do?

Started with a Radio system and black and white T.V. sets. Now we repair all types of T.V. s. ( LCD, LED, Plasma ).

Why do people come to get things repaired?

Not everyone can buy a new one; people spend money on new things and expect it to work for at least four years.

Has the quality of the product improved or gone down?

Earlier the T.V. sets used to work for 10-15 years, nowadays they work for only 1-2 years. These products are not of good quality now and have cheap parts; during the production of these T.V. sets, the components used are not good, and thus it breaks down in a short period.

What if you can’t repair the T.V. sets? What do you do then?

We usually sell it per kg to the Kabadiwalla’s (waste collector), who come and take the parts.

According to you, do you think the repair market will survive in the future?

I don’t think it will survive in the future; who will get things repaired. For instance- if the display of a 40-inch TV breaks, then it will cost around 20000 INR – 25000 INR alone for the display, so who will get it repaired they will throw it and buy a new one.