Alam, Watch Repair, New Delhi 

Where did you learn this craft from?

I have been working as a repairer for 18yrs and learned this in Jharkhand, India.

Are you training someone to do this craft?

No, I am not training anyone; there is no future in this line of work.

Why do you think people don’t repair or go for repairing?

Nobody wears watches these days; those days are gone. Everyone has a mobile now, so they don’t need a watch to tell the time.

How was the situation a few years back and now, in terms of work?

Work has drastically reused now due to the pandemic; people don’t have livelihood; why will they get stuff repaired.

What do you think will happen in the coming years or the near future?

The future is dark, will have to sleep on an empty stomach.

Repairing of our belongings is a good habit which should be encouraged over purchasing of new goods. Your comments?

No, usually people buy new watches as it’s cheaper to buy a new watch. Repairing it costs them more.