Arora, Stove Repairer, New Delhi 

Work- They repair – Gas stove, commercial stove, household stoves. We also put new gas pipelines, hotel gas pipelines, CNG, PNG, LPG, Hospital oxygen pipeline etc.

Why is repair necessary, in your opinion?

Everyone doesn’t have purchasing power and can’t afford new products. If by repairing the product functions properly, there is no need to spend money buying new things.

So according to you, customers come only because of the money factor?

No, there is another aspect. The environment is one key aspect; if we keep on destroying and extracting resources, it will cause pollution and problems.

What was the frequency of repair work 30 years back and today, is it the same?

40 years back, it wasn’t that much, but since then, it has inclined. The technique or technology used in some equipment is easy to work with, but these foreign equipment are tough to work with. There are few foreign stove companies X Y, whose spare parts are expensive; in such cases, those stoves are destroyed or thrown away by people as it’s not economically beneficial.

How many stoves or repair work do you do in one day?

It varies a lot some days, we get 10-20 products, and some days we get 5-10. It depends on the day; nothing is fixed.

Is there respect in this field of work?

Definitely, there is a lot of respect we get from people. People wait for us to open our shops and start the work. Some customers even call us and inquire if the shop is open and when will we be available.