Ashok, Jewellery repairer, New Delhi 


Experience- 20 years – can you give more???

What does repair mean to you?

Repairing is a good thing; we make a broken thing into something nice and useable, making us happy. The best aspect is that it doesn’t let anything go to waste; we use it again.

Do you face difficulties in repairing? What are the issues that come up during repair?

There aren’t many difficulties we face; in fact, it becomes better after repair.

Frequency of customers?

Work is significantly less now, earlier people used to get jewellery made, but now people are buying new or prefer readymade goods. People now prefer to either repair the goods or destroy them entirely and create something new.

Is there respect in this field?

Yes, people give us a lot of respect. They like it and are happy that I can fix their belongings.

What do you think about the future of your work?

It’s very tough to comment; maybe it will be good in the coming years. I hope people understand that we shouldn’t waste things, we should repair them, and they’ll become new. There is no benefit in wasting things, but let’s see what happens in the future.