Luiz, Technician of Digital Equipments, Belo Horizonte 

How do you introduce yourself?

I fix cell phones, tablets, notebooks, and everything related to that. I change screens, intern components, frames, restore devices and this is it.

What is “fixing things” to you?

It’s a technical skill and a way of earning a living.

Why do you think that maintenance and fixing these kinds of devices is important?

They are important so that you can maintain the devices themselves, so that there isn’t the need to always discard, to acquire new products…it’s an economic matter. The devices are pretty expensive, right? In other words, it is not a good choice to be always buying, mostly people that have low income, those who are the majority who look for this kind of service.

How is it your way of customer attendance and maintenance?

The majority of services it is I who attend, I do it. We have a technician who works here, and he works mostly in the radio area, with meticulous components, connectors and…with components such as the motherboard, you know? I work mainly with attendance to customers, changing screens, and bigger things.

Can you tell us about something you fixed and it was a great challenge?

The greatest challenges are the devices which have lower production and the ones we don’t know. So we have to study. It’s not always that we can find something on the internet, so we have to go on discovering…and we learn in the process, by making it work.

Is there anything that you fixed and thought: “this was really difficult to fix”?

The majority of problems come when we can’t identify the problem involving the device. When the device doesn’t turn on…so, why is that?…We have to review everything about the device, and we discover it little by little. Now, the matter of being challenging…it happens everyday! There’s a huge demand on changing simple components, charger’s connectors, cameras, and all. But when the device is not turning on, not charging, we have to discover…it is a more complex process.

How would you summarize your philosophy of repairing?

It is important to keep calm, because you are dealing with the device of another person…I put a lot of effort in it too, you take the device and go on discovering…if there is a new model, the least we can do is to look up for references on the internet, but if there isn’t any, we have to improvise!