Mohammad Syed, Tailor, New Delhi 

Meet our local repairer Mohammad Syed. He identifies himself as a tailor and has around 7-8 years of experience in this line of work.

Where did you learn to repair?

Learnt it in UP, since childhood.

Do you repair as well or only make new suits?

I do both

Why is repairing important, according to you?

It’s up to the person, their choice of style. Some like to repair their clothes and wear them; some don’t like to repair and purchase new; some also get it altered. So it’s up to the person, what they want and the event.

According to you, what were the quality of the cloth ten years ago and today?

It was better earlier, the quality nowadays is not that good.

Do customers prefer to get clothes repaired or buy new ones?

Nowadays people go for readymade clothes

What is the most frequent thing which people get done, in terms of repair?

Fitting, zippers, altering etc.

If you make a new suit, how long does it last?

So now people don’t wear them for a long period. Earlier, people used to wear them for a long time, and they would last long as well. Now people wear it and leave it, then get a new one made and wear that.