Naushad, Mobile Phone Repairer, New Delhi 

Experience – 2 years

Why do people come to you for repair?

if it’s minor, then they prefer to get it repaired. If the damage is extensive or can’t be done, then they prefer to buy a new phone.

Where did you learn to repair?

I learnt it from the shop itself; the person who taught me has passed away, though

How many mobiles do you repair in a day or a week?

In a day I can tell, sometimes no repair and sometimes we get 2-4 mobiles.

What is the most frequent part which gets damaged?

Nowadays, it’s mostly the screen and charging point.

Repairing of our belongings is a good habit which should be encouraged over purchasing of new goods. Your comments?

Of course, we should go for repair, which is a good practice and a source of livelihood for us.

If the repair work is not possible, what do you do with the mobile?

If it’s not possible, we return it to the customer. We don’t keep the phone.