Ramu, Scooter Mechanic, New Delhi 

Meet local repairer Ramu. He identifies himself as a scooter mechanic and has 30 years of experience in dealing with two-wheeler vehicles.

Is repairing important, your views?

It will benefit the people as they are saving money. It’s also a source of income for financially weak people.

What are you repairing now?

The piston of a 10-year-old Scooter.

How many scooters do you repair in a day?

No limit; it’s either no work or a lot of work.

How easy is it too repair this old scooter in comparison to a new one?

It’s easier to repair the old ones, the ones coming now are tough as they are computerised.

Where do you get spare parts?

We have some parts with us, and the rest we get from Karol bagh.

Repairing of our belongings is a good habit which should be encouraged over purchasing of new goods. Your comments?

Repairing work will be there forever if getting it done outside or in a factory. The models coming nowadays, to repair them people like us will face issues, those who are literate won’t have many problems. Those who are illiterate are repairing the vehicles now, but everyone is not the same, so everyone won’t be able to do the computerised ones.

What about the future of repair?

I think it will be there for another 10-15 years, but slowly the work will go down because of the technology used.